Need Cases for Marketing Strategy Textbook
For any of you who have written Marketing cases, we are looking for cases for a new edition (Third) of Strategic Marketing: Creating Competitive Advantage by Doug West, John Ford and Essam Ibrahim to be published by Oxford University Press.  We are looking for four longer end-of-book illustrative cases to coincide with our framework for the book as described below:
Section 1 – Where are we now?  This would be a case which focuses on market scanning, internal analysis and strategic fit.
Section 2 – Where do we want to be?  This would be a case which focuses on objectives being set, segment determination and assessment, targeting and positioning issues.
Section 3 – How will we get there?   This would be a case which focuses on action planning and budgeting, marketing mix determination and contingency planning.
Section 4 – Did we get there?   This would be a case which focuses on monitoring and controlling and re-assessment and corrective action possibilities.
We are looking for cases that are not already copyrighted with other publishers.  We are particularly interested in cases that are focused on Europe and emerging economies, but cases involving global corporations will certainly be considered. 
If you have any cases that you would like considered for publication in our upcoming textbook, please contact me at [log in to unmask] 
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