*AIB members are cordially invited to attend a FREE webinar:*

*"Enhancing Poverty Alleviation Performance:

*The** Importance of Implementing Multidimensional

*May 28, 2014**;* *11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT*



*Presented by:*


*Details:* This webinar will reveal the importance of measuring a venture’s
poverty alleviation effects on local stakeholders such as buyers, sellers,
and communities in emerging markets and economies. Impact assessment
specialists from the *William Davidson Institute*
<>will share why impact metrics collected should
not just address
stakeholders' economic well-being but also their capabilities well-being
(i.e., knowledge, health, aspirations, self-esteem, empowerment) and
relationship well-being (i.e., status, social support, social networks,
violence, local environment). Attendees will learn the advantages of using
a multidimensional lens to measure poverty alleviation and hear first-hand
examples of successful multidimensional measurement efforts from the
Grameen Foundation.




* Julie Peachey <>*
Director - Social Performance Management
*Grameen Foundation <>*


*Heather Esper
<> *
Program Manager - Impact Assessment
*William Davidson Institute <>*

*Yaquta Kanchwala Fatehi
Research Associate - Impact Assessment
*William Davidson Institute* <>


This is the first in a series of three, FREE Impact Assessment webinars
presented this summer by

the William Davidson Institute. Register for one, two, or all three! *Learn
more * <>


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