Dear AIB members,
I would like to invite scholars to contribute chapters for a book with
title "*Global Business Strategies for Institutions of Higher Learning", *will
be published by Universiti Sains Malaysia Press.

In recent years, the term “globalisation” surpassed the
“internationalisation” in the frequency employed in economically advanced
countries in characterizing cross-national changes of both contexts of
higher learning and higher learning systems themselves. The term
“globalisation” suggests that increasing border-cross activities in higher
education take along a blurring of borders, while “internationalisation” is
based on the assumption that national systems continue to play a role in
the process of increasing border-crossing activities. Moreover, the term
“globalisation” is often put forward when claims are made that higher
learning is bound to be more strongly affected by world-wide economic
developments as well as by suggestions that the individual higher learning
institutions, notably those wishing to place themselves in the first league
of reputation hierarchy, have to compete globally.

*Suggested topics are as following, but not limited to:*
1)Globalization and its Effect on Higher Learning Industry

2)The Emerging Trends in Higher Learning Institutions

3)Going Global, The Market Analysis

4)Internationalization of Institutions of Higher Learning

5)Framework for Managing the Performance of Branch Campuses of Foreign
Universities in Host Countries

6)Academic Talent Performance Management

7)Quality Control and Organizational Performance

8)Best Practices for Branch Campuses of Foreign Universities in Host

9)International cooperation and mobility

10)Globalisation in terms of blurring the borders of national systems and
increasing world-wide interconnectedness,

11)The new steering and management system in higher education, and

12)Knowledge society (pressures for relevance, new patterns of competences).

* Call for Chapters:*
Proposals Submission Deadline: *May 31, 2014*
Full Chapters Due: *October 1, 2014 *
Expected Publication Date: *April, 2015*

*Submission Procedure*Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit
on or before *May 31, 2014*, a 2-3 page chapter proposal clearly explaining
the mission and concerns of her or his proposed chapter. Authors of
accepted proposals will be notified by June 1, 2014 about the status of
their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Full chapters are expected to
be submitted by August 30, 2014. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on
a double-blind review basis. Contributors are expected to serve as
reviewers for at least two  submissions. Guidelines for authors will be
send upon request as it is 1MB size and too big for this blast. Please send
your manuscript to [log in to unmask]

*Important Dates*Phase 1:
Proposal Submission Deadline: *May 31, 2014*
Full Chapter Submission: *August 1, 2014*

Phase 2:
Review Process: August 1, 2014 -August 31, 2014
Review Results to Authors: September 1, 2014
Phase 3:
Revised Chapter Submission:

*October 1, 2014Inquiries*Send all inquiries to Shankar Chelliah at:
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Thanks & Warm Regards

Dr.Shankar Chelliah *MCMI*
Editor - "*Global Business Strategies for Institutions of Higher
Learning", *
School of Management
Universiti Sains Malaysia

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