Call for Proposals

Advances in International Management 2015 Volume:

Emerging Economies and Multinational Enterprises



Laszlo Tihanyi (Texas A&M University)

Elitsa Banalieva (Northeastern University)

Timothy M. Devinney (University of Leeds)

Torben Pedersen (Bocconi University)


Emerging economies have become major destinations and sources of foreign direct investments (FDI). These economies received over half of the world’s FDI inflows and provided more than a third of the world’s FDI outflows in recent years. Foreign multinational enterprises have entered emerging economies in their quests for new customers, improved efficiency, and scarce resources. The rapid economic development, changing regulations, and unique local norms in these countries have presented opportunities and challenges for multinational enterprises. At the same time, the presence of these foreign multinationals has contributed to the evolution of local markets and the rise of home-grown multinational enterprises in emerging economies.


The 2015 volume of the Advances in International Management will focus on the opportunities and challenges of multinational enterprises that consider emerging economies as their destinations or their homes. We have outlined four goals for this volume. First, we would like to provide an overview of successful strategies that foreign multinationals have adopted in emerging economies. Second, we wish to examine the rise of home-grown multinational enterprises in emerging economies and the challenges they face when they enter developed markets. Third, we would like to study the co-evolution of and dynamic interaction between emerging markets and both types of multinationals: foreign and home-grown. Fourth, we aim to publish a collection of papers with original ideas and theoretical advances that will provide the foundation for future doctoral dissertations and other research projects on emerging economies.


We hope the volume will provide a forum for thought-provoking empirical research, theoretical ideas, discussions, and reviews owing to its format and our review process. We are open to theoretical papers and empirical submissions using different methodological approaches.


If you are interested in being involved in this volume, please send a proposal (5 single-spaced pages, including a title page with all author details) to [log in to unmask] by July 15, 2014.


Based on the proposals that we receive, we will select a number to participate in a conference to be held in Boston, on September 27-28, 2014. This conference will be co-sponsored by the Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern University, the Center for International Business Studies at Texas A&M University, and Emerald Group Publishing. The purpose of this conference is to give the opportunity to the authors to bring their manuscripts up to the state of the art, create coherence among the included papers, and ensure that the papers in the volume speak to one another as well as to the general international business community. Those asked to participate in the conference will need to have a 20-page double-spaced draft of their paper available by September 17, 2014.


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