*Presenting the Winners:*

*2014 NextBillion Case Writing Competition*

Sponsored by the *Citi Foundation
<>* and administered
by *GlobaLens <>*, this year's global NextBillion
Case Writing Competition attracted entrants from over 34 universities and
15 countries. We invite you to review the following, award-winning cases
about business strategies aimed at alleviating poverty, especially in the
developing world.

*FIRST PLACE: $3,500*
*Case: African Solar Rise: Electrifying Rural Tanzania
*School:* HEC Paris
*Authors:* Sam Aflaki, assistant professor operations management &
information technology; Andrea Masini, associate professor operations
management & information technology
*Case Summary**:* The founder/CEO of African Solar Rise (ASR), a German NGO
providing solar energy solutions in Tanzania, must find ways to scale up
the organization's operations. One challenge is improving supply chain
operations and last-mile distribution in underdeveloped, rural Tanzania.
Another challenge is how to finance operations heavily reliant on
donations, yet make solar energy affordable to people who live on a few
dollars a day. This case is appropriate for courses about base of the
pyramid, social entrepreneurship, supply chain, and finance.

*SECOND PLACE: $2,500*
*Case:* *Narayana Nethralaya: Expanding Affordable Eye Care
*School:* Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore
*Authors:* G Shainesh, professor of marketing, chair-executive post
graduate program; Suhruta Kulkarni, case writer
*Case Summary:* Dr. Anand Vinekar launched the Karanataka Internet-assisted
Diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity (KIDROP) initiative at Narayana
Nethralaya, a specialty eye-care hospital in India. Retinopathy of
Prematurity (ROP) affects prematurely born babies and can lead to
blindness. Though ROP diagnosis and treatment are simple and inexpensive,
awareness among the poor is low. Dr. Anand looks to scale up the initiative
and evaluates self-sustainable service models.

*THIRD PLACE: $1,000*
*Case: Genesis of a Green Brand in the Mayan Rainforest
*Schools:* Rollins College (Winter Park, FL); Universidad Panamericana /
IPADE Business School (Mexico)
*Authors:* Mary Conway Data-on, associate professor (Rollins); Silvia
Cacho-Elizondo, assistant professor (IPADE)
*Case Summary:* The Mayan gum grower's consortium has only three months to
prepare the launch of the first organic, biodegradable gum at the world's
largest organic food trade show. The consortium, known as chicleros,
challenges a consultant to build a brand identity, as well as go-to-market
strategy to achieve margins high enough to improve producer living
conditions and enable long-term community sustainability.

*Case: Healthy City: Fostering Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid.
A Peruvian Experience <>.*
*School:*  INCAE Business School (Nicaragua)
*Authors:* Felipe Perez-Pineda, professor; Carlos Martinez, research
*Case Summary*: Since 2001, Healthy City - a Peruvian NGO - has been
addressing the country's solid waste problems via various recycling and
other environmental programs funded by international organizations. To
become more financially independent, Healthy City's founder, Albina Ruiz,
created two consulting entities but conflict had emerged between them due
to overlapping functions. Ruiz now contemplates how to strengthen the
overall organization.

*Case: The Jaipur Foot: Challenges in Leading a Free Service Organization
*School: *Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore
*Authors:* U Dinesh Kumar, professor quantitative methods & information
systems; Menaka Rao, case writer
*Case Summary:* The Jaipur Foot is an artificial prosthetic provided free
to the underprivileged by BMVSS, a non-profit organization in India. D.R.
Mehta, chief patron, established BMVSS in 1975 and has run it for 37 years.
But the organization now needs a successor. Would financial sustainability
be at stake with Mehta's departure? And what about donor fatigue in India?
Is it the right time for the organization to expand?

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