Upcoming Organic Farming Webinars
March 25, 2014  Breeding efforts and cover
crop choices for improved organic dry bean production systems in Michigan<>    Erin Hill, Michigan State University

 This webinar will start at 2 pm and is typically an hour long. This research will be presented by Erin Hill and Jim Heinig  both PhD students at Michigan State University. The research they conducted was partially on organic farmers fields, so we can see how the bean varieties responded under various organic farming systems.

NOTE if you cannot join at this time you can see the webinar on your own time as E-organic will be recording it and making available on their website.
It will be recorded and retrievable by E Organic. About a week after showing they will have it available on their web site,
This is the site for all the past and upcoming webinars offered on E Organic. So if you miss any of them, or are seeking a webinar on a particular subject, you can visit this site, and at no cost, view the webinars.

As with all webinars, its good to check out the site with the computer you will use for viewing, before the start of the webinar to be sure your computer has the needed files or downloadable free software that allow the webinar to work.

The best to you in your education to be great organic farmers,

Vicki Morrone
Organic farming specialist
Center For Regional Food Systems at MSU
480 Wilson Rd Rm 303
East Lansing, MI 48824
517-353-3542/517-282-3557 (cell)

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