Attention farmers, if you grow tomatoes and are curious about how well grafted tomatoes do in Michigan now is your chance to try them out FREE. A research project at Ohio State is being conducted and they seek farmers to test the various root stocks. See info below. I am sure you will have to keep records for them about the production,  any pest issues, and how you resolved but this is a great way to test these new “varieties”. Its a first come first serve basis so act quickly.

Center For Regional Food Systems at MSU
480 Wilson Rd Rm 303
East Lansing, MI 48824

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Subject: [oeffadirect] Fwd: Grafted Tomato Plants will be available for On-Farm Testing from the Team at The Ohio State University

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Subject: Grafted Tomato Plants will be available for On-Farm Testing from the Team at The Ohio State University
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Hi again! Here is another project that may interest some of your growers. Feel free to add the below announcement to your communications.

Do you grow and sell tomatoes? If so, an Ohio State University/OARDC-based team hopes to hear from you soon. The team has setup a project to help ensure that commercial, fresh market tomato growers benefit as much as possible from their investments in grafted tomato plants. The team began this process nearly eight years ago. Now, they will focus on identifying tomato rootstock and scion varieties ideal for combining into grafted plants. The first phase of this project is nearly complete and the second phase begins soon. Your assistance is requested for the on-farm testing portion. Grafted tomato plants will be available to growers free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. Shipments will begin April 1, 2014. Growers may contact Dr. Kleinhenz directly (call 330-263-3810 or email [log in to unmask]). Or, they may register and submit requests through the online form at


Stephanie Short
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Vegetable Production Systems Laboratory
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