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On behalf of the Journal of Trust Research special issue editorial team, I would like to extend our warmest invitation to trust researchers who are interested in Asian-related topics. The due date is December 31, 2014 and details are listed in the following call for papers. We look forward to your submissions.


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[log in to unmask]" align=left hspace=12 v:shapes="Picture_x0020_1">Call for Papers

Journal of Trust Research

Special Issue

Trust: An Asian Perspective


Special Issue Editors:

Dora LAU (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Jar-Der LUO (Tsinghua University, Beijing)

Hwee Hoon TAN (Singapore Management University, Singapore)



Journal of Trust Research is putting together a special issue on Trust: An Asian Perspective as a complementary effort to the 7th FINT Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations which was held at the Singapore Management University in November 2013. While most research has converged on the model of organizational trust proposed by Mayer, Davis and Schoorman (1995), recent work has suggested that trust across different cultures may be conceived of differently (see Sauders, Skinner, Diez, Gillespie and Lewicki,  2010).  This special issue focuses specifically on trust from an Asian perspective and invites papers that examine the following and beyond:


1.      Indigenous Asian trust characteristics and behaviors: including trust definitions, trust dimensionality (cognitive versus affect-based), trustworthiness factors, trust dispositions, trusting relationships (guanxi), trust and feeling trusted, trust behaviors (reliance and disclosure), trust development, trust repair;

2.      Applicability and limits of Western trust theories in the Asian context: character-based versus relation-based perspective,  social exchange / reciprocity perspective;

3.      Contextual influence on trust dynamics:

a.       Cultural influence: individualism vs. collectivism, power distance, Confucianism, for example;

b.      Economic influence: developing versus developed economics in terms of high growth, dynamic business environment and uncertain settings;

c.       Institutional influence: social networks, legal environment, organizational ownership structure (state-owned, international joint venture, privately owned);

4.      Trust across  multiple units of analyses, for example,  trust within teams, trust between teams, trust within organizations, trust between organizations, public trust in professions and institutions (including government, political system, market, and society in general); 

5.      Cross-level examination of trust antecedents and trust effects;

6.      Social network perspective such as third-party influence as trust transfer.


Empirical and theoretical as well as quantitative and qualitative studies are welcome.


We welcome regular-length manuscripts (between 10,000 and 15,000 words, including main text, reference, figures and tables) as well as shorter research notes (between 5,000 and 7,500 words, pages, including main text, reference, figures and tables).  Research notes will also be subjected to a normal double blind review process to meet the highest scholarly standards while recognizing that the articles will be more like comments or essays than like regular research reports. Accepted papers will be published in a JTR Special Issue in 2015.

The submission deadline is 31 December 2014. For author guidelines and further information on the Journal of Trust Research, visit the website at  You may also contact the editorial office ([log in to unmask]), or any of this special issue’s editors: Dora LAU ([log in to unmask]), Jar-Der LUO ([log in to unmask]), or Hwee Hoon TAN ([log in to unmask]) with questions or to discuss your ideas.





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