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The Role of Government in Restoring International Competitiveness: the Case
of Crisis Management in the Baltic States Economies versus Poland
- by Anna Matysek-Jędrych

The Use of Social Media in the Republic of Georgia and a Discussion about
American Academic Freedom with Electronic
- by George Griffin, Maia Noniashvili, Mikheil Batiashvili

Forming Agroindustries Clusters for Reaching Competitiveness of Ukrainian
Agroindustrial Sector<>(11)
- by Larisa Zadorozhna

Land Grant System and its Impact on the Pre-modern Central
- by Imtiyaz Shah

Investment Risks and Insurance in the Gold Market
<>(8) - by
Nikolay Megits, Serhij Reverchuk, Lyudmyla Chyzh

Political and Economic Decisions and Competition - What is the Efficient
Antimonopoly Policy?<>(5)
- by Irakli Lekvinadze

Sino-Russian Relations within the SCO
- by Khayrulla Umarov, Kimberly Millier

The effectiveness of boards of directors in two-tier board system: Evidence
from Vietnamese-listed enterprises
<>(12) - by
Quan Tran,  Dimitrios N. Koufopoulos, Bernadette Warner

A Comparative Analysis of Insurance Business Development in Foreign
Countries and Ukraine<>(9)
- by Serhij Reverchuk, Tatyana Yavorska

Discrepancy between the default and financial distress measured by
bankruptcy models
<>(12) - by
Tatiana Skerlikova, Lucie Rudolfová

An analysis of Central America and Eastern Europe  Revealed Comparative
Advantages <>(12)
- by Mauricio Garita Gutierrez, Jose Godinez

Comparison of Luxury Brand Perception: Old (UK) vs. Modern (Russia)
consumers' perception toward Burberry
- by Irina Ivanovna Skorobogatykh, Olga Saginova, Zhanna Musatova

The Business Women's Association of Uzbekistan: A qualitative study of the
emergence and potential influence of women's leadership in Central
- by Kimberly Millier,  Patty-Jo Bellamy

*Case Study*
A Case Study in Corporate Social
- by Sharon K. Kendrick, Mark Kendrick, Anastasiya Saakova

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