Call for book chapters

A Hinterhuber & S Liozu (Editors)
Routledge, 2015

Pricing practices evolve - companies are increasingly implementing pricing 
strategies that are known to drive profits, such as value-based pricing or other 
forms innovative pricing approaches. While many companies thus master price 
setting, price getting is a largely unexplored area for most companies.
Price getting relates to the ability to convert list prices into actually realized 
prices. This is strictly the domain of the sales force. This book is structured 
into five sections exploring how selling and the sales force create value in the 
context of a company’s pricing strategy: We are looking for contributions in the 
following five broad areas: 
-	sales force capabilities: the skills to communicate and capture value
-	sales force structure: best practices for deciding how to structure the 
sales force and sales territories
-	selling processes: designing and implementing due process to obtain sales 
personnel commitment
-	sales force compensation: insights into how to align sales force incentive 
-	sales force support systems: tools and instruments to enable the sales 
force to perform.  

More information in the attachment. We look forward to your thoughts and 

Andreas Hinterhuber
Partner, Hinterhuber & Partners
Strategy Pricing Leadership
Innsbruck, Austria
Phone: +43 664 402 7 402
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