Thunderbird International Business Review, March/April 2014, Vol. 56/2 is now online:


Main articles:


Internationalization as Interaction: A process perspective on internationalization from a Small Developing Country

Nigel Williams, Tom Ridgman, Yongjian Shi


Do Market-Supporting Institutional Characteristics Explain Firm Performance? Evidence from Emerging Markets

B. Elango, Somnath Lahiri


The Big Family: Informal Financing of Small and Medium-sized Businesses by Guanxi

Hsia Sheng, Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva


Taxonomy of Potential Contributions of the Host Country National Local Liaison Role in Global Knowledge Management

Charles Vance, Torben Anderson, Vlad Vaiman, Jeffrey Gale


Outcomes and benefits of a managerial global mindset: An exploratory study with senior executives in North America and India

Subramaniam Ananthram, Alan R. Nankervis


Perspectives from Practice:


China and the Climate Change Debate

Richard Brubaker


Comment on China and the Climate Change Debate

Michael Goodsite


Book Review: How to measure and adapt to the expectations of Millennials entering the Indian workforce.


“Millennials and the Workplace, challenges for architecting the organizations of tomorrow.” Pritam Singh, Asha Bhandarker, Sumita Rai. Sage, 2012. 233 pages.

Alfredo Behrens






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