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Management and Organization Review, Volume 10, Issue 1 (March 2014), presents six interesting articles on topics ranging from Yin-Yang to the stigma of dirty work. In addition, an editorial by Arie Y. Lewin, the new Editor-in-Chief of MOR, discusses MOR’s expanded scope and new editorial organization. All of the articles in this issue are available for free download through the links provided below. Please take a moment to also read the Call for Proposals for MOR’s Inaugural Frontiers Conference, which is also available below or at<>.

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue’s interesting articles!
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[]Management and Organization Review
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Volume 10, Issue 1 Pages viii - viii, 1 - 167, March 2014<>

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Emerging Economies Open Unlimited Opportunities for Advancing Management and Organization Scholarship (pages 1–5)<>
Arie Y. Lewin


Can Yin-Yang Guide Chinese Indigenous Management Research? 阴阳能指引中国管理本土研究吗? (pages 7–27)<>
Xin Li

A Yin-Yang Model of Organizational Change: The Case of Chengdu Bus Group. 中国阴阳文化视角的组织变革模型: 基于CBG的案例研究 (pages 29–54)<>
Runtian Jing and Andrew H. Van de Ven

Sentimental Drivers of Social Entrepreneurship: A Study of China's Guangcai (Glorious) Program. 社会创业与情操驱动力:中国光彩事业研究 (pages 55–80)<>
Daphne W. Yiu, William P. Wan, Frank W. Ng, Xing Chen and Jun Su

Dirty Work and Dirtier Work: Differences in Countering Physical, Social, and Moral Stigma. 脏活与更脏的工作:在对抗身体、社会和道德污名上的差异 (pages 81–108)<>
Blake E. Ashforth and Glen E. Kreiner

Co-worker Mistreatment in a Singaporean Chinese Firm: The Roles of Third Party Embeddedness and Network Closure. 新加坡华人企业中的同事虐待:第三方嵌入性和网络闭合的作用 (pages 109–134)<>
Violet T. Ho

Enhancing the Effects of Power Sharing on Psychological Empowerment: The Roles of Management Control and Power Distance Orientation. 权力分享对提升心理授权感的影响:管理控制与权力距离的调节作用 (pages 135–156)<>
Chao C. Chen, Ann Yan Zhang and Hui Wang

Call for Proposals
Management and Organization Review Inaugural Research Frontiers Conference: Globalization of Knowledge Creation and Innovation in the Context of Emerging Economies (pages 165–167)<>