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The rapidly changing status of Crimea and Russia's aspirations to redraw the
borders of the former Soviet Union, have affected not only the countries of
the CIS, but created significant uncertainties in Eastern Europe and Central
Asia. The annexation of Crimea and Russia's stated intention to act on
behalf of its citizens in Estonia, has contributed to the growing economic
and political uncertainty in Europe and Central Asia. 


Economic and political sanctions by the US and EU, will affect not only
Russia but the entire region. Today, Crimean banks imposed severe
restrictions on cash withdrawals, all international flights were canceled,
tourism, a major contributor to the Crimean economy, will likely also suffer
as a result. Historically, 75% of the Crimean budget was dependent upon
Ukrainian infusions. How Russia will respond to fill this void and the
likely escalating economic retaliations between Russia and the west will
have a major impact on energy policy, investments, the financial sector, and
the increased focus on military expenditure in the budgets of these
countries. For this reason, as well as others, it is important to know, how
academicians view this enormous economic and political shift that is
currently unfolding, and what expected consequence this will have on the
trend of economic globalization.


To discuss these ramifications, the Institute of Eastern Europe and Central
Asia, as an independent not for profit think-tank, and its JEECAR journal,
with a mission to promote high-quality multi-disciplinary academic research
on the rapidly changing region of modern Eastern Europe and Central Asia,
announces this timely Call for Papers and is looking to address a large
spectrum of opinions and arguments.  


In doing this, we encourage researchers from economics, political science,
education and business scholars to make their latest work available to the
JEECAR community via this special issue. We welcome conceptual and empirical
papers using quantitative, qualitative or mixed approaches studying
historical and current political-economic situations in regards to this
vibrant but unstable region. All articles will be double blind peer-reviewed
and must be submitted by August 01, 2014 at  <> Proposed Special Issue will be published in paper
copy and in on-line journal in November 2014. For more information about
submission process, please visit  <> 


To encourage active submission and to support proposed research, we are
announcing the following stipends:

1st place article:  $300

2nd place article: $200

3rd place article:  $100


Selection of articles and nomination will be performed by the JEECAR
Executive Editorial team.


Dr. Nikolay Megits,

JEECAR Editor-in-Chief


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