POSTDOCTORAL POSITION on microbial metagenomics in agricultural soils over winter
Fredericton, Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Fredericton, NB is looking 
for candidates for a post-doctoral fellowship position of 24 months, 
to examine the nitrogen cycle process and related microbial 
communities in agricultural fields over winter. It is generally 
assumed that nitrogen processes in agricultural fields are negligible 
during winter. However, winter production of the greenhouse gas 
nitrous oxide can represent up to 90% of annual nitrogen 
losses.  Despite some evidences indicating that cold temperature 
and/or freezing/thawing cycles might have a substantial effect on 
microbial communities, there is scarce information as to how 
microbial communities differ from summer communities and how this 
translate into changes in function. The project's overall goal is to 
evaluate changes in denitrifier and nitrifier communities in 
agricultural fields over winter, determine possible environmental and 
edaphic factors controlling these communities and measure emissions 
of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide, as well as denitrification and 
nitrification rates. The successful candidate will be working on a 
major collaborative initiative including university (Dr. David 
Burton, University of Dalhousie) and AAFC researchers (Dr. Bernie 
Zebarth (Fredericton) and Dr. Frank Larney (Lethbridge, AB)).

Applicants should have experience in next generation sequencing of 
microbial communities. Experience with denitrifier or nitrifier 
communities is not required; scientists with training in other soil 
communities i.e. bacterial and/or fungal from soil, sediment or water 
are welcome to apply.

Knowledge of English is required. The candidate needs to be Canadian 
citizen or permanent resident and meet the criteria of the NSERC 
Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories Program 

The position will be opened until filled.

Please send a resume to: Dr. Claudia Goyer 
(claudia.<mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]), Potato Research 
Centre, AAFC, Fredericton, NB. Fax: (506) 460-4377.

Julie Cotton, M.S.

Academic Specialist
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
Michigan State University
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