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Emerging Market Firms in the Global Economy

(A special issue of International Finance Review)


Chinmay Pattnaik, The University of Sydney

Vikas Kumar, The University of Sydney

This edited book is scheduled as volume 15 of International Financial Review, an annual book series to be published in 2014. International Finance Review, published by Emerald Group, publishes theme-oriented volumes on various issues in international finance, economics, accounting and strategy. For more information on International Finance Review, please go to:


The adoption of pro-market economic reforms by emerging market economies in last two decades has transformed the institutional context for firms in these economies. The new institutional landscape has not only provided enormous opportunities for domestic and foreign firms to expand their businesses to access large consumer base but also introduced substantial challenges requiring these firms to adopt new laws and regulations and face competition from a more diverse set of domestic and foreign competitors. However, there is a lack of systematic and in-depth understanding of the actual transformation of these firms and of the specific strategies adopted for such transformation even after two decades of institutional change.

The objective of this volume is to better understand how domestic and foreign firms have transformed their strategy, organization and management system in response to changing institutions in the emerging market economies. Understanding of such transformation will provide implications to integrate contextual factors in theorizing about firm behaviour in emerging as well as developed economies. These studies will also assist practicing managers to comprehend various configurations of firm activities and complexities of competition in diverse institutional settings. We invite you to submit your original research papers in all modalities including theoretical, empirical, institutional or policy-oriented papers.We seek contributions on the following topics. The sub-topics listed are only illustrative and we welcome all research papers that fit with the broad theme of the call.

*         What are the types of corporate diversification strategies pursued by firms and business groups?

*         How do emerging market firms compete with foreign firms and foreign firms with domestic firms in emerging markets?

*         What are the corporate restructuring activities adopted by firms and business groups in response to the institutional changes?

*         How do emerging market firms expand into international markets?

*         What are innovative marketing strategies adopted by emerging market firms to compete in domestic and international markets?

*         What are the changes in the capital structure of emerging market firms?

*         How do emerging market firms finance their growth?

*         What are the changes into the organizational structures of emerging market firms and business groups?

*         How the emerging market firms have changed their corporate governance systems?

*         What are the changes in the composition and role of board of directors in emerging market firms?

*         What role do family owners play in the management of emerging market firms and business groups?

*         How has the business-government relationship changed in emerging markets?

*          What role do governments play in fostering growth and competitiveness of emerging market firms?

Interested authors are encouraged to submit completed papers, electronically in Microsoft Word or PDF, via email to both of the co-editors as early as possible, no later than March 1, 2014:

Chinmay Pattnaik, Senior Lecturer, Discipline of International Business, The University of Sydney Business School. E-mail: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

Vikas Kumar, Associate Professor, Discipline of International Business, The University of Sydney Business School. E-mail: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

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