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Volume 20, Issue 1 
<>,  Pages 
1-90, March 2014

**The Concept of Distance in International Management Research**
Edited by Björn Ambos and Lars Håkanson 	Modify or Remove My Alerts 

	1. 	**Editorial Board* 

/Pages IFC/


	2. 	**The Concept of Distance in International Management Research* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 1-7/
Björn Ambos, Lars Håkanson


	3. 	**Putting the “psychic” Back in Psychic Distan Awareness, 
Perceptions, and Understanding as Dimensions of Psychic Distance* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 8-24/
James Nebus, Kah Hin Chai


	4. 	**Not All Differences Are the Same: Dual Roles of Status and 
Cultural Distance in Sociocultural Integration in Cross-border M&As* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 25-37/
H. Emre Yildiz


	5. 	**Added Psychic Distance Stimuli and MNE Performance: Performance 
Effects of Added Cultural, Governance, Geographic, and Economic Distance 
in MNEs' International Expansion * 
Original Research Article

/Pages 38-54/
Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Ingo Kleindienst, Sandra Lange


	6. 	**The Role of Language in Knowledge Transfer to Geographically 
Dispersed Manufacturing Operations* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 55-72/
Margaret Spring Schomaker, Srilata Zaheer


	7. 	**Home–Host Country Distance in Offshore Governance Choices* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 73-86/
Julien Gooris, Carine Peeters


*  Book Review*

	8. 	**Steven P. Feldman, Trouble in the Middle: American–Chinese 
Business Relations, Culture, Conflict and Ethics(2013), Routledge 
978-0-415-88448-8 (xii+493 pp. (paperback))* 

/Pages 87-89/
Doug Foster


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