Know anyone looking to take down an old barn? some visiting artists could put it to good use! See message below. 

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Subject: Call out for a reclaimed barn
Date: February 26, 2014 1:07:05 PM EST
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The Land Grant: Flatbread Society (FBS), an upcoming project at the Broad Art Museum, is searching for a barn. What kind of barn? A barn that is ready to be torn down and reclaimed. The wood from the barn will be used to build an octagonal grain pit in the museum. Locally reclaimed barn wood is essential for the heart of the project, as each piece of wood tells a story. The grain pit will function as a place for storytelling, dancing, and discussion. Once the barn is located, the wood must be transported to the museum. If you know of a barn owner or someone who has experience reclaiming barn wood please contact us at [log in to unmask].

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Chicago Board of Trade Grain PIt
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Ready to be torn down barn. Let's reclaim this barn wood and build a grain pit! 
Thank you for your time,
Augusta Morrison
Project Manager and Research Coordinator
The Land Grant: Flatbread Society
Broad Art Museum 
East Lansing, MI 

Augusta Morrison
Michigan State University
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