Now Hiring | Food and Farm Events Coordinator

The Food and Farming Events Coordinator is a detail-oriented events planner, who will work with ISLANDís Preservation Station (mobile canning kitchen), Chicken Coupe (mobile chicken processing facility), as well as plan events at the Bellaire Community Hall, Maple Bay Farmer Residency Program and, importantly, a number of key fundraising events throughout the region.
Your job is, first and foremost, to contribute intelligence, integrity, and consistently amazing results to help grow this small but energetic non-profit.

Events are the primary marketing tool for ISLAND, so you will create events that our community canít stop talking about. You will teach food preservation and chicken production (itís ok if you are not a rock star at these yet). You will invest in your own learning. Finally, you will commit to being part of a small and passionate team of people growing the reach and strength of ISLAND.

For full details, please visit

Amanda Kik
Institute for Sustainable Living, Art & Natural Design (ISLAND)

Please note our new phone number: (231) 622-5252

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