Dear Fellow AIB Scholars,

I realize this is late and that time is short, but I am hoping that I can find collaborators for one or two panels in the Stakeholders, Responsible Leadership and Governance track (Track 11) at the AIB Annual Meeting in Vancouver.    A rough description of each intended panel is provided below.  

Panel 1:  MNE Responsiveness to Local Climate Change Concerns

This panel will include studies of how specific MNE actions being taken in response to global climate change impact local climate change-related efforts.  Ideally, the panel will include instances in which local efforts are improved by the MNE, MNE efforts are improved by local efforts, and when the benefits flow both ways.  Studies examining the influence of NGOs on MNE and local climate change initiatives also are encouraged.

Panel 2:  Which is Better at Alleviating Poverty:  Local Initiatives or the MNE?

This is an ongoing and unresolved issue.  The intent of the panel is to add to the discussion by looking at instances when MNE actions or initiatives have been shown to alleviate local poverty, where local poverty alleviation initiatives have influenced MNE actions in other countries, or where collaborations between local groups, MNEs and NGOs lead to poverty alleviation.

If you are interested in joining either panel, please send me the abstract or description of your study and your contact information.  Assuming I get between four and six papers, I will then prepare the final description of the panel and take responsibility for its submission.  Because of the amount of time between now and the submission deadline (January 15th) is tight, I will need papers by this Sunday, January 12th

To see a description of Track 11, follow this link:

I look forward to working with you.


John Dilyard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

St. Francis College

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