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AIB 2014 Annual Meeting

Vancouver, Canada
June 23-26, 2014

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Call for Papers

Theme: Local Contexts in Global Business

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Program Chair: Klaus Meyer, China Europe International Business School ( [log in to unmask] )

Globalization is increasing opportunities for business to create value by bridging across different local contexts. At the same time, these local contexts retain their distinct characteristics in terms of, for example, culture, regulations, resources and human capital. Increasing interactions across nations, however, does not necessarily lead to convergence: Local communities retain their distinctiveness. In fact, for many, local identity may even become more important in response to the anonymous forces of globalization. On the other hand, some communities, such as our host city Vancouver, thrive on the interaction of people from a diversity of backgrounds, and become hubs of global business. Communities also build on local values, which can themselves become global. Vancouver, the home of Greenpeace, aspires to be the world's greenest city and the home to companies producing green technologies.

The tension between the globalizing and localizing forces in our societies create major challenges for businesses. For example, how do firms and individuals engage with the dual demands of acting both local and global? How do companies exploit the diversity of the world economy to gain competitive advantage in a variety of local markets? How do global (or regional) MNEs manage to deliver locally relevant products and services? How do MNE operations in multiple localities shape global innovation processes? How do local concerns about social or environmental issues in communities of place and indigenous societies get heard in a world of global business? How are global concerns, such as global warming, violent conflicts, and financial crises, reflected in local decisions by businesses?

This tension also creates profound challenges for how we do research in the field of international business. For example, how do we incorporate aspects of local context in our theorizing? How can we make highly abstract theories relevant for different local contexts? How can we derive relevant theoretical insights from single context studies? How can we ensure our measurements of abstract constructs are valid in different cultural contexts?

Paper and Panel Submissions

Paper and panel submissions for AIB 2014 need to be categorized into one of thirteen topical and two special tracks. Each paper or panel proposal must be submitted to only one track. Please select the track closest to your proposal from the list below. All single country studies must focus on IB-relevant topics such as MNCs, international institutions, trade, global value chains, etc.

1. People and Careers in Cross-Cultural Business
Track chair: Davina Vora, State University of New York at New Paltz, USA ( [log in to unmask] )

2. Entrepreneurship, SMEs, and Born Globals
Track chair: Shameen Prashantham, Nottingham University Business School China ( [log in to unmask] )

3. Organization, Management and Human Resources of the MNE
Track chair: Dana Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark ( [log in to unmask] )

4. Marketing and Consumers in IB
Track chair: Janet Y. Murray, University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA ( [log in to unmask] )

5. Global Value Chains and the Geography of IB
Track chair: Vikas Kumar, University of Sydney, Australia ( [log in to unmask] )

6. Innovation and Knowledge Management
Track chair: Felipe Monteiro, INSEAD, France ( [log in to unmask] )

7. Competition and Collaboration in IB
Track chair: Aya Chacar, Florida International University, USA ( [log in to unmask] )

8. Global Strategy, M&As and Competitiveness
Track chair: Jordan Siegel, Harvard Business School, USA ( [log in to unmask] )

9. Home Economies and the MNE
Track chair: Pavida Pananond, Thammasat University, Thailand ( [log in to unmask] )

10. Theories of the MNE and of FDI
Track chair: Gabriel Benito, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway ( [log in to unmask] )

11. Stakeholders, Responsible Leadership and Governance
Track chair: Sheila Puffer, Northeastern University, USA ( [log in to unmask] )

12. The Institutional and Political Environment of IB
Track chair: Pei Sun, Fudan University, China ( [log in to unmask] )

13. International Finance and Economics
Track chair: Lars Oxelheim, Lund University, Sweden ( [log in to unmask] )

14. Research Methodology in IB (Special Track)
Track chair: Timothy Devinney, University of Leeds, UK ( [log in to unmask] )

15. Teaching IB (Special Track)
Track chair: Andreas Schotter, Ivey Business School, Canada ( [log in to unmask] )

We will be accepting two types of submissions - papers and panels. Paper and panel submissions need to be categorized into one of the thirteen topical tracks or into one of the two special tracks described above. Each paper or panel proposal must be submitted to only one track. For the special tracks on teaching and research methods, please contact the track chairs to discuss the preferred format of the sessions.

All submissions will be handled through the AIB online submission system. All manuscripts and proposals must be submitted by January 15, 2014. Please refer to the detailed submission instructions page for additional information on how to prepare and submit your submission. For up-to-date information about the conference and related events, please check the conference website at Any questions regarding this call for papers should be addressed to the track chairs or the Program Chair, Klaus Meyer.

Klaus Meyer
Program Chair, AIB 2014 Annual Meeting
China Europe International Business School, Shanghai
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