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¡§New perspectives on the challenges and future developments of global enterprise management¡¨




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Published by Palgrave MacMillan

175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 200, New York, NY 10010,


Edited by Angelo A. Camillo, PhD,

Associate Professor of Strategic Management, School of Business -Woodbury University
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Foreign competition compels both international and domestic companies to engage in the global market place. This trend has forced companies to develop global competencies to gain and sustain global competitive advantage. To achieve this objective global corporations need managers with highly specialized knowledge and competencies to lead global ventures effectively in order to produce above average returns. Such knowledge must include global economics, monetary and fiscal policies, international accounting and taxation, cross-cultural management, international managerial negotiations, and business management practices in the emerging global markets. Therefore, global managers must understand the environment of other countries to successfully establish operations therein, and to effectively perform managerial functions to achieve the goals of their organizations. Although the process of management is regarded as universal, understanding the environment in which a foreign expatriate operates is a prerequisite for its successful implementation. The forthcoming publication will be an edited research compilation about global enterprise management that spans across multiple industries. Contributions should derive from mostly or fully completed research in the area of global management.



Angelo Camillo


Angelo A. Camillo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of  Management

School of Business - Woodbury University 

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