Dear AIB-Listers:

I am preparing a panel session proposal for the upcoming AIB meeting that would promote the idea and explore possibilities of spurring open data sharing and research crowdsourcing in the IB research community.

The X-Culture team I lead is already working in that direction (openly shares our huge database, and starting recently also tries to provide a platform for sharing external data sets and crowdsourcing discovery). Wed like to popularize the idea of research crowdsourcing and data sharing beyond our project.

Main idea and session format:

Data sharing and open collaboration are the latest revolutionary developments in sciences. Natural sciences and technology sectors (particularly genetics, astronomy biology, and engineering) are the crowdsourcing leaders, with very remarkable achievements. Open data sharing is not only becoming more common, it is mandated in some fields. For example, following the Bermuda Agreement human genome data sharing mandate led to explosion of discoveries in the field. The GalaxyZoo data sharing and crowdsourcing project led to countless discoveries in astronomy.

Unfortunately, data sharing, open collaboration, and research crowdsourcing are still a rarity in International Business research.

The purpose of the panel session is to discuss the possibility of crowdsourcing in International Business research and related fields, ways of promoting and institutionalizing the idea, and challenges of developing suitable data sharing and collaboration platforms.

I am looking for panelists who can:

o Talk about the latest trends in data sharing and research crowdsourcing in various fields;

o Discuss known challenges and best practices of open data sharing and research crowdsourcing;

o Discuss if and how the idea could work in the field of international business studies;

o Discuss what the open collaboration, vaguely-defined author teams, open data sharing and research crowdsourcing may mean for individual academic careers, promotion and tenure decisions, publication and citation counts, and other individual credit-related issues.

o Possibly even develop a set of recommendations for the AIB leadership, journals and other institutions in our fields.

If you can contribute, please send your name, affiliation, contacts and one-page summary of your presentation to [log in to unmask] by Jan 14, 3 pm New York Time.

Vas Taras, PhD

Assistant Professor of International Business

X-Culture Project Coordinator

Associate Editor of the International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management

Department of Management

Bryan School of Business and Economics

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

349 Bryan

POB 26165, Greensboro, NC 27402-6165


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