The Strategic Management Society special conference in Australia in December 2014 may be of interest to you. It is a great time to visit Australia as December is the start of summer weather and Sydney has an average daytime temperature then of 22°C (72°F). Hope you may look to attend.


Strategic Management in the Asian Century – Dealing with Dynamism, Diversity and Development

Sydney Australia - December 6-8, 2014


This special conference focuses on assessing and furthering managerial frameworks and theories that guide strategy formulation and implementation and the management of strategic performance in dynamic, diverse and evolving environments of Asia and the trans-Pacific region. The conference combines six in-depth tracks with integrative plenary sessions that together contribute to the theme of Strategic Management in the Asian Century – Dealing with Dynamism, Diversity and Development. 

We invite conceptual and/or empirical submissions that relate to any of the following: competitive strategy, corporate strategy, global strategy, strategy process, knowledge & innovation, strategy practice, strategic entrepreneurship, strategic human capital, stakeholder strategy, cooperative strategies, strategic leadership & governance, and/or behavioral strategy. We are explicitly interested in conceptual submissions that are grounded in a wide range of social sciences theory and that advance the development of theory in strategic management. As such, we encourage submissions irrespective of the methodological and philosophical differences operating in different scholarly traditions. Empirical studies, whether based on quantitative, qualitative, or case-based data and methods, must investigate data that are, in some way, Asian and/or trans-Pacific in scope.


Submission Proposals (5-7 pages, for paper and panel sessions) Only original, unpublished work is sought.

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: May 1, 2014 



The SMS Special Conference Sydney has several extension workshop and to learn more about them and the Special Conference as well as the submission process, please go to:



Siggi Gudergan



Garry Bruton

Vikas Kumar

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