CSA manager and environmental education teachers needed at Tollgate demonstration farm in Novi, Michigan. This is a creative and inovative place with a few farm animals and summer educational programsÖ great experience, and a fun staff to work with!

Julie Cotton, M.S.

Academic Specialist
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
Michigan State University
A264 Plant and Soil Science Building
East Lansing, MI 48824

517-355-0271 ext. 1156

undergrads: www.safss.msu.edu


Iím gearing up for a busy and exciting 2014 at Tollgate. We are expanding our reach and offering a greater diversity of programs and opportunities for community involvement. With that, Iím looking to recruit summer staff to assist with programming.
One of the newly added features of 2013 was a humble CSA membership program. The pilot turned out to be a valuable asset, as it supported the sustainable demonstration and production gardens for our summer camps
. For 2014, we will be expanding the CSA  and Iím looking to recruit a staff member to help coordinate. Itís important that this person brings a wealth of knowledge in sustainable agriculture. 

The other positions available support the summer camp programs. Iím looking for certified (or nearly certified) teachers and/or those with experience leading young people in an outdoor environment. These positions are easier to fill with qualified candidates from the southeast region but Iím looking for a diverse candidate pool.  
You can find the description on our website at: http://tollgate.msu.edu/positions_available 
Thanks for your help, 
Alan Jaros
Education Coordinator
Michigan State University Extension
Tollgate Education Center 
28115  Meadowbrook Road 
Novi, MI 48377
248.347.0269 X232
Web: tollgate.msu.edu
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