Calling all organic farmers with an interest in teaching / helping in intl countries please read on... 
I work in various countries in Africa and find it rewarding and challenging, maybe this is of interest to you too? Please read on

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Would you be so kind as to CIRCULATE the following announcement to your students, alumni
and professors via Facebook, newsletter and/or listserv and create a LINK on your Resources page?

RSVP. Thank you!
Ann McLaughlin
Director, NGOabroad


We have just come back from Africa Whirlwind Tour so have exciting, new

GHANA or UGANDA: Teach at Agricultural College
No teaching or university experience necessary.
What is needed are farmers with a strong background
in organic farming, perma-culture and/or sustainable agriculture.

RWANDA: Cooperative Management
After the genocide and after much agonizing reconciliation work,
organizations and the national government realized that the next step is having Hutus and Tutsis working side by side.
More than any other African country, Rwanda emphasizes cooperatives.
Come help teach how to run and manage a cooperative.

UGANDA: Dairy Farming
Experienced dairy farmers are needed to help improve production and milk yield.
Heifer International helped launch dairy program and now 10 years later,
floundering dairy farmers need guidance on what to feed the animals and other best practices to improve yield.

UGANDA: Poultry Farming
A Domestic Violence program plans to sustain their organization by having 3,000 laying hens which supply eggs to Kenya.
They need help with preventing disease amongst poultry and preventing salmonella;
of learning best practices for poultry farming.

CAMEROON or INDONESIA: Rural development
Farmers in the rural villages in these countries are just starting to learn organic farming and sustainable agriculture.
They are eager to learn more about composting; rain water harvesting; drip irrigation; soil improvement & crop rotation.
Their goal? Improved yields so that they can sell some of their crops so they can afford a mosquito net.
When I was out in the villages in Cameroon, they barely had food to eat; and did not have $5 for a doctor visit.

ANTIGUA: Agri-Tourism
Farmers barely eke out a living on the Caribbean island of Antigua either.
The government has launched an initiative to build alternative livelihoods for the farmers.
Do you have a creative mind? An entrepreneurial spirit?
Come help farmers build alternative enterprises that attracts tourists to their farm:
e.g. live music; local food served; history tour; or a demonstration of making steel drums.

Children's Center for AIDS orphans feeds their children from the food grown out back. Come help in the fields!

Both experienced farmers & students needed.

Please read NGOabroad website
and send answered Questionnaire and resume to:
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These are volunteer opportunities.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
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