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IJBEM Special Issue on: "Internationalisation of Business Education in Middle East and North Africa (MENA)"
This special issue seeks papers of all kinds – empirical, conceptual, practitioner and viewpoint – with the exception of case studies to extend previous studies pertaining to the MENA region, which are currently scant in literature. Indeed, in a recent special issue based on whether the Middle East was the land of the future, Madichie (2013a) assembled papers that barely touched upon the efforts in business and/ or higher education across the region. According to him, this omission “obviously calls for further debate in these areas.”
In that special issue, only two papers touched upon HE – albeit only marginally. For example, Kemp (2013) argued that “the UAE society supports education, and government strategy has led to equal educational access and achievement by women over many years with a projection for a supply of educated females in the future.” She, however, acknowledged that the government policies geared towards enhancing female education and employment have made more progress in the former than in the latter. Even though she concluded on a cautionary note that “the progress of the UAE towards achievement of MDG (3) […] has had mixed results which will affect the future”, her contribution centred on matters of gender... Read more:

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