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Information on a text of interest to AIB members:

[log in to unmask]" align=right alt="International Perspectives on Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management" title="" v:shapes="Picture_x0020_1">International Perspectives     

on Organizational Behavior and 

Human Resource Management  

Third Edition

Betty Jane Punnett


"Punnett provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the topics and issues critical to managing effectively in the 21st Century. A useful text for all who want to learn how to succeed in the global economy."  

            -Rosalie L. Tung, Simon Fraser University   


This new book focuses on the cross-national environment that international firms face. It shows how this environment affects individual behavior, organizational behavior, and human resource management. Clearly written and concise, the book sensitizes readers to the many differences that managers face when they operate cross-nationally, and gives them tools to understand and deal with these differences.   


2013. 320 pp. Exhibits, bibliographic references, index.
Paperback: 3108-4 $59.95 | Sharpe e-Textbook: $32.95

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All the best,

Professor BettyJane Punnett

Ph.D., International Business & Management

P.O. Box 2121, St. Vincent & the Grenadines - 784-456-7906

For Information on Management: A Developing Country Perspective (Punnett, 2012, Routledge) go to http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415590693 - New special issue of IJCCM on Caribbean Metaphors and Management - see blog  http://ccm-journal.blogspot.co.uk

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