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New Articles in Press, 11 November-17 November 2013
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  1. The Impact of Vicarious Experience on Foreign Location Strategy   Original Research Article

Available online 16 November 2013
Guoliang F. Jiang, Guy L.F. Holburn, Paul W. Beamish

  2. Steven P. Feldman, Trouble in the Middle: American–Chinese Business Relations, Culture, Conflict and Ethics(2013), Routledge 978-0-415-88448-8 (xii+493 pp. (paperback))   

Available online 11 November 2013
Doug Foster

Journal of International
                                  Management Journal of International Management

Volume 19, Issue 4,  Pages 315-412, December 2013

Developing Offshoring Capabilities for the Contemporary Offshoring Organization
Edited by Peter Ørberg Jensen, Marcus Møller Larsen and Torben Pedersen

  1. Editorial Board   

Pages IFC

  2. The organizational design of offshoring: Taking stock and moving forward   Original Research Article

Pages 315-323
Peter D. Ørberg Jensen, Marcus M. Larsen, Torben Pedersen

  3. Does Distance Hinder Coordination? Identifying and Bridging Boundaries of Offshored Work   Original Research Article

Pages 324-332
Federica Ceci, Andrea Prencipe

  4. Effects of Partnership Quality, Talent Management, and Global Mindset on Performance of Offshore IT Service Providers in India   Original Research Article

Pages 333-346
Revti Raman, Doren Chadee, Banjo Roxas, Snejina Michailova

  5. Global Software Development: Commitment, Trust and Cultural Sensitivity in Strategic Partnerships   Original Research Article

Pages 347-361
Anne-Marie Søderberg, S. Krishna, Pernille Bjørn

  6. Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Building at Offshored Technical Support Centers   Original Research Article

Pages 362-376
Jihong Chen, Robert J. McQueen, Peter Y.T. Sun

  7. Creating value through offshore outsourcing: An integrative framework   Original Research Article

Pages 377-389
Debmalya Mukherjee, Ajai S. Gaur, Avimanyu Datta

  8. A Systematic Review of Literature on Offshoring of Value Chain Activities   Original Research Article

Pages 390-406
Bjoern Schmeisser

  9. Author Index   

Pages 407-408

  10. Contents of Volume   

Pages 409-411


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