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*Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Innovations in


*Abstracts Submissions* -  October 1st. 2013
*Abstract Decisions* –               October 15th,  2013
*FULL Paper Submission* –  December 1st, 2013*
Full Paper Decisions* –           December 31st,  2013

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 *       *Sustainability and Innovation have become increasingly important
topics of interest for academe, society, organizations, and governments.
Innovative, sustainable practices can help businesses perform better while
satisfying all three Ps: people, planet, and profit. By merging innovation
and sustainability through a focus on “eco-innovation,” as part of
corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, one can create added
value for all stakeholders while concurrently reducing environmental
impact. For this reason, sustainable operation is vital for
competitiveness, economic advantage, and for addressing social issues in
general. Moreover, such efforts lend direct support for ‘Doing good while
doing well’, a central business *mantra* of the 21st century. **

            From the business point of view, it is also a great time to
enable companies to increase their investment and identify revenue sources
in this field. Hospitality companies are cognizant of the importance of
innovation and a proactive environmental approach to successful operation.
Consequently, hospitality and tourism organizations are striving to be
eco-friendly while maintaining their competitive edge financially. In
support of this effort, we* are seeking research that helps hospitality
organizations *create sustainable solutions that make best use of core
resources and improve organizational efficiencies while reducing our
collective carbon foot print. *Research that helps hospitality and tourism
organizations become operationally productive, socially responsible and
proactively ‘eco-innovative’ citizens of the society is highly encouraged.**
Areas of inquiry may include but are *not* limited to:

·       New models, frameworks, and explanations for the hospitality and
tourism fields with a focus on sustainability

·       Case studies of champions of sustainability, social responsibility,
eco-innovation and Green practices from hospitality and tourism**

·       ‘Going Green’ from an interdisciplinary perspective

·       Economics of sustainable decisions – qualitative and quantitative

·       Best eco-innovative practices in travel, tourism & hospitality

·       Defining sustainability – a critical review of current literature
and suggestions for future

·       ISO 14001, Nordic Swan, Green Palms etc.  - comparative analysis of
Green tools and

·       Scale development for measuring Green firms of tomorrow

·       Does sustainability pay? Consumer studies and secondary data
analysis that promote sustainable effectiveness and efficiency in

·       Global perspectives on the changing travel needs of Green consumers

·       Emerging nature of sustainable and Green engineering in

·       Energy management – practical solutions and innovations for

·       Destination marketing and promoting sustainable tourism

·       Green designs and architecture for tomorrow

·       Socially responsible human practices for sustainable

**H. G. Parsa,* Professor, Daniels College of Business, University of
Denver, Denver, Colorado,
                        USA. [log in to unmask]  Tele: (303)871-3693
*Consulting Editor:**
Vijaya “Vi” Narapareddy, *President, North American Case Research
Association (NACRA);
                        Associate Professor, Daniel College of Business,
University of Denver, Colorado,
                        USA.  [log in to unmask] **

*Associate Editors:
Marival Segarra-Oña,*   Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, SPAIN,
[log in to unmask]
                        Tele: 00-34-96-3877000 (Ext.76844)
*Rachel Chen, * Center for Sustainable Business & Tourism, Univ. of
Tennessee, TN.
                        [log in to unmask],  Tele:  (865) 974-0505
*SooCheong (Shawn) Jang,*    Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN.
[log in to unmask],
                        Tele: (765) 496-3610
General Information for Prospective Authors*

            The editors are open to receiving research that represents
different methods and styles. These include but are not limited to new
frameworks using multidisciplinary explanations, as well as empirical and
qualitative studies.
            We also are interested in research that is based on compelling
case studies of single or multiple organizations, studies that involve
interdisciplinary perspectives (e.g., sociology, strategy and operations
management, etc.) and research involving surveys and interviews with
managers in hospitality organizations and their customers.
            *Suggested word count is 7500 maximum* but, if warranted,
authors may request for an
exception depending on the nature of the paper.
*Submission & Timeline*

Prospective *authors are strongly encouraged to contact the
editors*regarding potential
 topics of interest or any questions / suggestions regarding the proposed

*Please submit your proposal/abstracts between 500 and 1000 words to **H.G.
Parsa (**[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>) *or Vi Narapareddy (**
[log in to unmask]* <[log in to unmask]>*)*

*You can send them electronically as MS Word file directly before October 1
st 2013.*

*Abstracts Submissions* -  October 1st. 2013
*Abstract Decisions* –     October 15th,  2013
*FULL Paper Submission* –  December 1st, 2013*
Full Paper Decisions* –   December 31st,  2013

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