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Over the last years we ran a seminar series on “Academia behind the Scenes” at the University of Melbourne. The seminars gave insights into the publication process and life as an academic from different perspectives. For example, topics covered were collaboration with industry partners, publishing in high quality journals, or getting your first job (please find a more detailed description of the individual seminars on the websites or in the attachment). The seminars were extremely successful and popular with doctoral students and early career researchers.


With your help, we would like to extend this series. We are looking for:


·         Syllabi that cover similar topics, e.g. academic writing and publishing, collaborations, work – life balance, etc. These can be official subjects of PhD coursework or seminars like ours.

·         Literature suggestions that have been used in such classes and seminars

·         Comments and experience with such seminars.


We would be thankful if you could send us your suggestions by 20 September 2013. We will compile the responses and send them back to everyone who contributed.


Please send your suggestions to Markus Goelz at [log in to unmask]


Yours sincerely,

Anne-Wil Harzing, Markus Goelz




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