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Please distribute the following link to the Call For Chapters (CFC) for the
upcoming book, *Economic Growth and Technological Change in Latin America*,
throughout your subscribership at the Academy of International Business at
your earliest convenience:

The Chapter Deadline is *September 15, 2013* and some of the
suggested topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

   - The United States and Latin America
   - Effects of Globalization on Latin America
   - Global Competitiveness of the Region
   - Economic Development of Latin America
   - Effects of Latin American Democratization
   - Changing Societies of the Region
   - Reform, Crisis, and Independence
   - Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
   - Brazil, Colombia, and CIVETS
   - Cuba's Revolution and Latin America
   - Chile: Model of Technological Development
   - Mexico's Influence on the Region
   - Social Issues Related to Technological Advancement
   - International Accounting and Finance Practices in Latin America
   - Strategic Innovation and Economic Development
   - Isomorphism and Technology Transfer
   - Business Ethics
   - Decision-Making and Technology
   - Research and Development (R&D)
   - Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Latin America
   - The Caribbean
   - Central America
   - South America
   - Case Studies


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