Special Issues of the Journal of International Business Studies

Due October 1, 2013


JIBS special issues are designed to draw attention to under-researched or controversial topics or to new emerging themes in international business, and ultimately to encourage insightful and influential research in line with the JIBS Statement of Editorial Policy. Special issues are especially welcome that connect the research of the mainstream AIB community working on international business to streams of research on international business issues that have been taken up in specific disciplines, where those strands of research have so far been developed largely independently of one another.


JIBS normally publishes 1-2 special issues per year, based on proposals submitted to the editors of the journal; proposals are now evaluated by the JIBS editors once a year. Accordingly, the JIBS editors are inviting proposals for potential special issue topics, with a deadline of October 1, 2013.


Proposals should be submitted to JIBS Managing Editor Anne Hoekman ([log in to unmask]). Please see for an explanation of the full process for submitting a proposal and having it evaluated/potentially accepted, including the information that your proposal should include.




Anne Hoekman

Managing Editor, Journal of International Business Studies


JIBS Editorial Office

Academy of International Business

Michigan State University

Tel: +1-517-481-3518

Fax: +1-517-432-1009

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