Hello Mich-Organic listserv,

In an effort to reform farm legislation and create a fair playing field for all farmers, Food & Water Watch is conducting a research study with local Michigan farms and agriculturists. Here at Food & Water Watch we have done extensive research on sustainable farming and factory farms alike to understand the factors that put local farmers at a systematic disadvantage. We know the range of issues but not the extent of the problem, and that's where you come in!

The following survey is for any farm in Michigan to tell us about your farming practices. Our intent is for your input to help us to increase opportunities and resources for small farmers and create a more fair and healthy food system for Michigan. 

Please click on the link below, or cut and paste the URL into your browser, in order to participate:

Your input is very important to our organization and will be kept completely confidential.

If you have any questions or would prefer to complete the survey in a different manner, please email me at [log in to unmask].

Apologies for any repeat messages.

Lisa Miller
Research Assistant
Food and Water Watch
2727 2nd Ave, Suite 136
Detroit, MI 48201
(734) 223 6404
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