AIRC3:  Ashridge International Research Conference 2013


An intimate multidisciplinary international conference linking select academics and professionals


2pm Friday July 19th – 4.30 Saturday July 20th


     Multigenerational Challenges: integrating younger and older ages in the organisation:

         Cross-generational Working,  Wellbeing, Careers and Organisational Change

         Public Policy / Corporate Governance / International Business

         Technological Forecasting for Organisational and Social Change


2pm Friday July 19th – 4.30 pm Saturday July 20th

Ashridge Business School,

Berkhamsted, near London, UK

Come and share the Ashridge Experience

All-in conference/accommodation fee of 150

(a late bookers all inclusive fee of 250 will be applied from July 5th)


AIRC3 :  a short conference at an exceptionally low fee:

Executives, professionals and academics register now and share presentations and discussions on this very important subject.


Keynote speakers

o    Professor Cheryl Haslam,  Loughborough  University : Working Late: strategies to enhance productive and healthy environments for the older workforce

o    Professor Beatrice van der Heijden, Radboud University, Nijmegen & Open Universiteit in the Netherlands: Sustainable employability enhancement throughout the lifespan

o    Professor Phil Harris, University of Chester:  Public policy, power and public affairs on multi-generational working and talent management

o    Professor John Mahon, University of Maine – A Comparison of UK/Europe and the US  on attitude, strategy, policy and practice re cross generational working in the organisation

Opening Panel of Experts

o    Derek Browne, CEO, Entrepreneurs in Action (EiA)

o    Gordon Lishman, Former Director General Age Concern

o    Brendan Noonan, Vice President Group Learning/ Development, Emirates Airline Group

o    Philip Sadler, Tomorrow’s Company and former CEO, Ashridge

o    Kai Peters (Chair), Dean & CEO Ashridge Business School

Conference Chairs:

Professor Carla Millar, Fellow Ashridge Business School / Professor, University of Twente

Dr Vicki Culpin, Dean of Faculty Ashridge Business School

Philip Mix, Director of Consulting Ashridge Business School

Programme Outline

Friday 19th July

14.00                     Opening of Conference

14.10                     Panel of Experts

15.30                     Break

16.00                     Conference Session A: Generation Y

17.15                     Keynote Address by Professor Cheryl Haslam

18.15                     Guided Tour of Ashridge Main House

19.00                     Editors’ Clinic and discussion of Special Issues

20.00                     Conference Private Dinner


Saturday 20th July

09.30                     Conference Sessions B: Across the Ages; C: The Late Career

11.00                     Break

11.30                                    Conference Session D: The Future: New Ideas, New Models, Thinking outside the Box

13.00                     Lunch

14.00                     Keynote Addresses by Professor Beatrice van der Heijden,

                               Professor Phil Harris and Professor John Mahon

15.30                     Panel Discussion

16.15                     Closure of Conference



Multigenerational Challenges: integrating younger and older ages into manAGEment and organisation

  A superb programme covering some of:


1.    Cross-generational Working, Wellbeing, Careers and Organisational Change:

         novel approaches to leading and managing multigenerational workforces

         creative use of older generations

         talent management

         longer career transitions

         employee engagement: meaningful work and sustainable employability

         emotions and motivation in organisations

         cross-generational wellbeing in organisations and in organisational restructuring

         new theories and approaches to cross-generational mentoring and management

2.    Public Policy / Corporate Governance / International Business

         public policy for multigenerational occupational challenges

         stakeholder led strategy on managing the ‘longer’ generation

         corporate governance and the ageing generation

         flourishing in the 21st century – sustainable workplace growth and prosperity

         organisational reputation (public, private and non-profit) and effective  multi-stakeholder involvement

         global experiences of ageing and longer careers

         ageing and the MNC in developed and emerging markets

3.    Technological Forecasting and Organisational and Social Change

• The interaction of technology, ageing, wellbeing, the multigenerational workforce

• Generation Y and e-management

• Age related technological forecasting and social change


These topics are covered too in the conference-linked Special Issues of peer reviewed journals:

Submissions are invited for Special Issues of four peer reviewed journals to be guest-edited by Ashridge, and should be sent by Sept and Oct 2013.


• Journal of Managerial Psychology

• Journal of Organizational Change Management

• Journal of Public Affairs

• Technological Forecasting and Social Change, an international journal


An intimate multidisciplinary international conference linking select academics and professionals

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Prof. dr. Carla C.J.M. Millar

Co-Chair AIRC3


Professor, International Marketing & Management

University of Twente

School of Management & Governance

PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

0031 53 489 5355

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Fellow, Ashridge

Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 1NS, UK

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