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It is my pleasure to announce that Palgrave MacMillan just released a new book titled “Talent Management of Self-Initiated Expatriates: A Neglected Source of Global Talent” and edited By Vlad Vaiman and Arno Haslberger.
Qualified people are scarce in global business. Company-assigned expatriates used to provide needed talent, but this is no longer enough. Self-initiated expatriates, a new and diverse breed of internationally mobile talent, are filling the gap. Talent Management of Self-initiated Expatriates is a collection of research papers which explores who these self-initiated expatriates are and what experiences they have. It answers questions such as: how or when does one become a self-initiated expatriate (SIE)? What are SIEs' motivations and characteristics? What types or sub-types of SIEs are there? What challenges are they likely to face? How do their careers and social capital develop? What is the impact of international experience on their life overall? What are the specific experiences of sub-groups such as academics or female SIEs? As traditional talent management can no longer fulfil the needs of globally operating organisations, self-initiated expatriates have become an ever more important, albeit neglected, source of the global talent flow.
Chapters and Contributors:
1. Self-initiated Expatriates: A Neglected Source of the Global Talent Flow; Arno Haslberger and Vlad Vaiman
2. Global Self-initiated Corporate Careerists: What Drives Them, and Implications for HRM; Yehuda Baruch and Yochanan Altman
3. Are Self-Initiated Expatriates Born or Made? Exploring the Relationship between SIE Orientation and Individual ROI; Yvonne McNulty
4. The Organizational Self-Initiated Expatriate: A Case Study of a Professional Services Firm; Julia Richardson, Steve McKenna and Nadia de Gama
5. Could International Volunteers be Considered Ethical Consumers? A Cross-discipline Approach to Understanding Motivations of Self-initiated Expatriates; Eliane Karsaklian and Anthony Fee
6. Female Self-initiated Expatriates in the United Arab Emirates: An Unexpected Trifecta; Snejina Michailova and Edelweiss Harrison
7. Self-initiated Expatriate Adjustment: A Neglected Terrain; Anthony McDonnell and Hugh Scullion
8. The Careers of Self-initiated Expatriates; Vesa Suutari, Chris Brewster and Christelle Tornikoski
9. Self-initiated Expatriate Academics: Personal Characteristics and Work Outcomes; Jan Selmer and Jakob Lauring
10. Self-Initiated Expatriate Women's Careers – Reflections, Experiences and Choices; Riana Van Der Bergh and Yvonne Du Plessis
11. Self-initiated and Assigned Expatriates: Talent Management and Career Considerations; Noeleen Doherty and Michael Dickmann
12. Social Capital of Traditional and Self-initiated Expatriates; Kristiina Makela and Vesa Suutari
13. Work-Life Interface of Self-Initiated Expatriates: Conflicts and Enrichment; Liisa Makela and Vesa Suutari
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