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Management and Organization Review, Volume 9, Issue 2 (July 2013), presents six interesting articles on a variety of topics. In addition, there are two pieces of artwork, which are included amidst the articles for your enjoyment.


We hope you will enjoy reading this issue’s interesting articles and are having a happy and productive summer!

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Management and Organization Review

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 <> Volume 9, Issue 2 Pages i - i, 209 - 374, July 2013

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 <> Three Fans (page i)
Artist – Nancy Adler


 <> The Impact of Behavioural Assumptions on Management Ability: A Test Based on the Earnings of MBA Graduates. 行为假设对管理能力的影响:基于MBA毕业生收入的检验 (pages 209–232)
Benito Arruñada and Xosé H. Vázquez


 <> Whose Time Is It? Understanding Clock-time Pacing and Event-time Pacing in Complex Innovations. 谁更胜一筹?在复杂创新中理解钟表时间节奏和时间事件节奏 (pages 233–263)
Deborah Dougherty, Heidi Bertels, Ken Chung, Danielle D. Dunne and Justin Kraemer


 <> Impression of China National Centre for Performing Arts (page 264)
Artist – Tony Fang

 <> Multiple Large Shareholder Structure and Governance: The Role of Shareholder Numbers, Contest for Control, and Formal Institutions in Chinese Family Firms. 多个大股东结构与公司治理:大股东数量、控制权竞争以及正式制度的作用 (pages 265–294)
Jin-hui Luo, Di-fang Wan, Di Cai and Heng Liu


 <> From Personal Relationship to Psychological Ownership: The Importance of Manager–Owner Relationship Closeness in Family Businesses. 从私人关系到心理所有权:家族企业中经理与企业主关系亲密度的重要性 (pages 295–318)
Hang Zhu, Chao C. Chen, Xinchun Li and Yinghui Zhou


 <> In Whom Collectivists Trust: The Role of (in)Voluntary Social Obligations in Japan. 集体主义者信任谁:自愿与非自愿社会义务在日本的作用 (pages 319–343)
Oana Branzei, Ronald D Camp II and Ilan Vertinsky


 <> The Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: The Role of Cultural Value Orientations. 组织公正与组织公民行为之间的关系:文化价值导向的作用 (pages 345–374)
Marieke C. Schilpzand, Luis L. Martins, Bradley L. Kirkman, Kevin B. Lowe and Zhen Xiong Chen



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