Esteemed AIB-Colleagues,


As suddenly a unique opportunity is coming up for us to collect data from a large number Swiss SMEs we would like to ask you for your input:

-          What are potential research topics that could be investigated in the below described setting?

-          Are there innovative sampling methods that would also provide the survey-participants with additional insights?


In a series of appr. 10 workshops across Switzerland, each lasting for appr. 4 hours we will be able to gather feedback from appr. 200 companies.


Firm characteristics

-          SMEs

-          Either in the course of internationalization or keenly interested in doing so (non-random)

-          Cross-industry sample



-          Members of the top management (founders, CEO, Directors etc.)



-          Personal meetings (classroom style meetings, but also involving group work etc.)

-          Written feedback could be collected (Survey or similar)

-          Data collection should not take more than appr. 2 x 30 minutes (maybe at the beginning and the end of the workshop)

-          Subsequently and for analysis purposes the data could be enriched by archival data on the company

As the data collection would take place as part of a workshop on internationalization, we would like to provide the participants also with some valuable feedback, if possible ad-hoc.


Hence we would like to ask for feedback on the following questions:

-          Does anyone have suggestions on suitable research topics that would fit this situation and that could yield insights in an innovative style? E.g. by a conjoint analysis on internationalization strategies?

-          Are there any themes you deem particularly interesting to be analysed in such a setting? (E.g. effectuation and international business, international business and psychological factors etc.)?

-          Has anyone collected data in another country in a similar situation so that a comparative study could be developed?


It goes without saying that we are open to discuss co-authorship arrangements on any potential outcome.


As we have only one month to prepare the potential data collection, any timely feedback would be highly appreciated!


Best regards from Fribourg,

Rico Baldegger                                           Patrick Schüffel




     Dr. Patrick Schüffel ▪ Adjunct Professor ▪ Institute of Entrepreneurship and SME ▪ Haute école de gestion Fribourg

        Hochschule für Wirtschaft Freiburg ▪ Chemin du Musée 4 ▪ CH-1700 Fribourg (Suisse) 

         +41 (0)26 429 63 70 (phone) ▪ +41 (0)26 429 63 75 (fax) ▪ 




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