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Crop Production Observation Data-Great Lakes Region: Started June 2013 (by MichiganOrganic Listserv @Michgian State University
Date State County Soil type irrigate (Y N) Cool season crops (click 1)[1] Warm Season Crops (click 2)[2] Garlic Asparagus Potatoes Tomatoes Asparagus Strawberries Apples Cherries Field Corn Wheat Beans (dry) Insects Diseases
Click on 3[3]         % planted to date Response % planted to date Response month/yr planted response # harvests Response % planted to date Response % planted to date Response Response Response Response Response % Planted Response % planted Response % planted Response    
5/7/13 MI Ingham Sandy loam Y 100% slow growth 10% no growth 10/12 healthy-no skype     100 slow-med 5% Slow med                   potato beetle  

Vicki Morrone:
Such as brassicas, carrots, salads, peas-Use Exc, Good, ok, poor to refer to development
Vicki Morrone:
Such as tomatoes, summer squash, string beans and cukes. Use Use Exc, Good, ok, poor to refer to development.
From: Vicki Morrone: Center For Regional Food Sysems At MSU
I received a phone message yesterday from an organic farmer in the UP and she tells me that spring is real hesitant to make its full appearance, making it very difficult to make smart decisions to plant transplants and warm-loving crops. Then the plants that go in are VERY slow to take off.
On Tuesday, a listserv member from the OEFFA listserv queried about other garlic growers' state of plants, as his were not yet setting skypes and he knew that was late (or something strange was happening).

So I invite you to share your state of production from today June 7, 2013 (or next time you get 5 mins to spare) and occasionally on a rainy day as the season progresses. Since these listserv articles are archive, this can be a way to track how the weather is impacting our farming practices and production over time (even years). I believe that our climate is changing due to disruptions to our eco system and that is not a "phase". So maybe we can start tracking and see the patterns that evolve at least for the Great Lakes area.

I have inserted a table you can fill in where you have info to share. You do not need Excel only an email service that can use HTML format. Your name is not requested. This information is strictly to share with other readers of this listserv. I would like to take the info and make a Google map from it once the season is complete which will aggregate the data based on counties.

Open, hit reply all and Fill in one row to share about your farm crops then Hit send. Please direct questions to Vicki Morrone about this email.
Vicki Morrone
Organic Farming Specialist
Center For Regional Food Systems at MSU
480 Wilson Rd. Room 303
East Lansing, MI 48824
517-353-3542/517-282-3557 (cell)
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