Please attend our Panel “Alternative Research Methods for Understanding Management in Under Researched Locations” scheduled 13:20, Friday, July 5. We will present some ideas, and we want to hear from the audience. Bring ideas on research methods for under researched locations and share them. Please send me a note with a brief description of your research method idea and I will summarize the ideas I receive.

Look forward to seeing you in Turkey

Panelists: BettyJane Punnett, Bella Galperin, Terri Lituchy, Maggi Phillips, Andrea Scott, Joyce Osland, Don Wood


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Professor BettyJane Punnett

Ph.D., International Business & Management

P.O. Box 2121, St. Vincent & the Grenadines - 784-456-7906

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New special issue of IJCCM on Caribbean Metaphors and Management - see blog

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