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I made a reservation for a room at the Hilton Istanbul but am unable to attend the conference due to personal circumstances. Since Hilton is sold out, I thought instead of cancelling I can give my reservation to someone else who's still looking for staying at the Hilton. So please let me know if you want to take over my reservation.



Here's the reservation I have:



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Hilton Istanbul

Cumhuriyet Caddesi | Istanbul | | Turkey 34367

T: 90-2123156000 | F: 90-2122404165


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Rooms & Suites[log in to unmask]" alt="http://res2.hilton.com/webservices/echoengine/imp_G_1866332_0_1388596853.gif">


Dining[log in to unmask]" alt="http://res2.hilton.com/webservices/echoengine/imp_G_1866333_0_1388596853.gif">


Amenities & Services[log in to unmask]" alt="http://res2.hilton.com/webservices/echoengine/imp_G_1866334_0_1388596853.gif">


Map & Directions[log in to unmask]" alt="http://res2.hilton.com/webservices/echoengine/imp_G_1866335_0_1388596853.gif">

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Thank you for booking with us, Guenter K. Stahl

Confirmation: 3504404803

Modify Reservation


02 Jul 2013  2:00 PM


07 Jul 2013 1:00 PM

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[log in to unmask]" alt="https://www.nor1upgrades.com/dynLink/?PCD=ISTHITW&EBC=3504404803&RCC=T2RF&GAD=20130702&NMN=5&TBP=2700&GEM=christine%2Ereinprecht%40wu%2Eac%2Eat&GLN=K%2E+Stahl&GFN=Guenter&LNG=EN&PRC=GAIBA&PLC=&CUR=TRY&CRP=&PRT=LV0&PID=EPS&PET=CONF&PCH=HIL">[log in to unmask]" alt="http://res2.hilton.com/webservices/echoengine/imp_G_1915990_0_1388596853.gif">

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Rate Information:

Rate Type:


Rate per  night:


   500  TRY

Total for Stay per Room:




  2,500.00 TRY 




  200.00 TRY 




  2,700.00 TRY 


Total for Stay:

  2,700.00 TRY 

Includes estimated taxes and service charges. (Gratuities not included.)



There is a 8.00% per room  per night tax.

Additional Charges:


Valet parking: 25/night    Self parking: 25/night   

Room Information:




1 Adult


Non-Smoking Confirmed

Room Type:



Two Beds

Your room type preferences have been submitted with your reservation, and are subject to hotel availability.

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Rate Rules and Cancellation Policy:


Your reservation is guaranteed for late arrival.

Please contact us should you need to cancel your reservation.

Cancellations are required by 4 PM on 02 Jun 2013 local hotel time.

Cancellation penalties may apply.

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* Service of alcoholic beverages is subject to state and local laws. Must be of legal drinking age. Hilton Requests Upon Arrival items are subject to availability.

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If you use a debit/credit card to check in, a hold may be placed on your card account for the full anticipated amount to be owed to the hotel, including estimated incidentals, through your date of check-out and such hold may not be released for 72 hours from the date of check-out or longer at the discretion of your card issuer.

If you need to MODIFY or CANCEL your reservation, click here.
Any change to the arrival date, departure date or room type of this reservation is subject to the hotel's availability at the time the change is requested and may result in a possible rate change or an additional fee. For example, shortening or lengthening your reservation is subject to availability and may not be possible at a later date. For more information, please click here to see all the rules and restrictions applicable to this reservation.

If you have questions regarding your reservation, please contact Hilton Reservations and Customer Care at 0800 293 229, click here, or email us at [log in to unmask].

Hilton HHonors membership, earning of Points & Miles®, and redemption of points are subject to HHonors Terms and Conditions.

Unsubscribing from all marketing email will prevent you from receiving your HHonors Monthly Statement. You can continue to check your account by logging into your profile or by calling 1-800-HHONORS. Outside the United States and Canada, please dial + 800 44 45 86 67 for assistance.

Notice of Confidentiality: This message and any attachments may contain confidential information. If it has been sent to you in error, please reply to advise the sender of the error and then immediately delete this message.

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indicates a trademark of Hilton Worldwide.

©2013 Hilton Worldwide Hilton Reservations and Customer Care | 2050 Chennault Drive | Carrollton, Texas 75006, USA

Kind regards

Günter K. Stahl


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