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Adding Dynamics to Static Theory: Examining How Leader Traits Evolve and How They Are Expressed
A leader’s traits evolve over time and are expressed differently under different situations. We propose a dynamic model to capture both the evolution and expression of leader traits. We also argue that the evolution of traits consists of changes in intensity and nature. Based on secondary and longitudinal data collected on five publicly acknowledged Chinese leaders, we identified three patterns (homological, converse, and composite) of the evolution of leader traits. We also discovered that leader traits can be classified as intrinsic or extrinsic according to the evolutionary changes of the traits. The intrinsic category includes traits that change in intensity; whereas the extrinsic category includes traits that are replaced by other traits over time. Factors influencing these changes include both internal (e.g., leaders’ own learning and introspection) and external (e.g., major social events and subtle cultural influences). The results of our study show that the traits leaders exhibited under specific situations are composite in nature, which also supports the notion that traits evolve. Due to the similarity of the social systems between the two countries, we believe our results should inspire our Russian colleagues and offer them a role model.
Keywords: leader trait, trait evolution, trait expression
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