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We are pleased to announce that Chinese Management Insights (CMI) Volume 2, Issue 2 is now available online. You could easily go read the article online and download the whole issue by clicking CMI Volume 2 Issue 2, May 2013.


Chinese Management Insights is a Chinese-English bilingual publication of International Association of Chinese Management Research ( that converts leading academic research on China-related topics into summaries that can be easily read and used by managers. In addition, it includes interviews of Chinese executives sharing their management perspectives and best management practices of their companies. We release the new research summaries each month and publish a printed issue every four months a year, with the first issue out in January 2012.

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The CMI Editorial Team

Anne Tsui, Xiao-Ping Chen, George Yip, Katherine Xin, and Eve Yan




Chinese Management Insights (Volume 2 Issue 2, May 2013)

Research Highlights


A Strategic Action Model for Transforming Chinese State-owned Enterprises

Runtian Jing and E. Patrick McDermott


Are Social Organizations in China Free and Happy?

Kazuko Kojima, Jae-Young Choe, Takafumi Ohtomo and Yutaka Tsujinaka


How Many Large-Shareholders Are Best?

Jin-hui Luo, Di-fang Wan, Di Cai and Heng Liu


Democracy Starts at Home?

Bottom-up Governance in China's Homeowner Associations

Feng Wang, Haitao Yin and Zhiren Zhou


How Can Firms Effectively Deal With Technological and Market Turbulence?

Zhongfeng Su, Jisheng Peng, Hao Shen and Ting Xiao


Guanxi Dynamics: Shifts in the Closeness of Ties between Chinese Coworkers

Xiao-Ping Chen and Siqing Peng



Executive Perspectives

Managing with Simplicity, Transparency, System, and Responsibility

—An Interview with Vanke Chairman Wang Shi and CEO Yu Liang

Xiao-Ping Chen



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