The John H. Dunning Visiting Fellowship


We are pleased to announce the John H. Dunning visiting fellowship programme for the 2013-14 academic year, hosted by the John H. Dunning Centre for International Business at the Henley Business School, University of Reading.  

The visiting fellowship programme is aimed at creating opportunities for researchers at the early-to-mid stages of their career to visit and collaborate with academics at the Centre, and to utilise resources associated with the John H. Dunning Library. 

Visiting fellows are expected to give at least one seminar, and to spend between 2 and 4 weeks in residence over an academic year (between September and June). This may be in one or two separate visits.  They will become associate fellows of the Dunning Centre, and are entitled to refer to themselves as a 'Dunning Fellow'.

Dunning Fellows are expected to be actively engaged in the field of international business (broadly defined), and with an inclination towards multi-disciplinary and theory-driven research, in the tradition of John Dunning.  Applicants must have completed their PhD, and should be active engaged in IB research, either at a university or a research organisation. The fellowship is targeted towards individuals who have a track record of publications in refereed journals, and are not as yet ‘established’ (i.e., either early- or-mid-career).  Note that this is not normally a post-doctoral position.

Applications are invited from interested candidates for the academic year 2013-14. We will appoint two Fellows. Interested parties should submit:

1.      a research proposal, indicating expected output, and specific academic staff with whom the applicant will be especially keen to collaborate;

2.      A detailed CV, listing publications;

3.       A cover letter indicating how the applicants will benefit from an association with the Dunning Centre and its members, and fits with the values and research tradition of the Reading School.


An honorarium is associated with the Dunning Fellowship. This is intended to subsidise the scholar’s expenses associated with travel and board. However, applicants are encouraged to seek supplementary resources from other sponsors, especially if they wish to stay longer. Academics who are seeking to take a sabbatical may find this especially appealing. 


The Dunning Fellowship has been made possible in part by a donation from Christine Dunning in memory of her late husband.


Professor Narula will be attending the AIB conference in Istanbul, if you would like discuss your interest.  Alternatively, please contact him by email.


Applications need to be received by July 22, 2013.  Submissions should be made by email to: [log in to unmask]

Rajneesh Narula
Professor of International Business Regulation
Director, John H. Dunning Centre for International Business
Henley Business School
University of Reading, UK

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