TOMORROW:  Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 1:00pm

133F Erickson Hall, 620 Farm Ln, Michigan State University

Merging Figured Worlds for Socially Just Science Learning

April L. Luehmann & Science STARS Team, University of Rochester, Warner Graduate School of Education

Social justice is the shared work of many.  In this talk, I report on how one long-term learning experience called Science STARS is both designed for and lived in ways that synergistically  merge three diverse learning communities (urban teen girls, pre-service science teachers and social justice researchers), positioning each as resources for the others’ productive identity wanderings and development. I argue that each group brings uniquely valuable experiences and perspectives, as well as differential influences of power to the shared spaces that the learners from the other groups need. Through the ongoing, co-construction of a shared and evolving culture, members of each group develop identities that further positive social change for under-represented groups in science.

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 This event is co-hosted by Teacher Education at the College of Education and CREATE for STEM Institute