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Marketing Management in Geographically Remote Industrial Clusters: Implications for Business-to-Consumer Marketing, by George Tesar and Jan Bodin, World Scientific Publishing, Singapore, 2013. ISBN 978-981-4383-05-9.

Case Contributors


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Geographically Remote Industrial Clusters
Chapter 2: Formation and Growth of Geographically Remote Industrial Clusters
Chapter 3: Smaller Manufacturing Enterprises in geographically Remote Industrial Clusters
Chapter 4: Business-to-Consumer Marketing Management
Chapter 5: Marketing Management and Cluster Dynamics
Chapter 6: Notes on Case Analysis

Collected Cases

Part I: Formation of geographically Remote Industrial Clusters

Case 1: Instinctive Formation of an Industrial Cluster
Case 2: Athelia—How Can an Old City Survive the Death of French Shipyards?
Case 3: Closing the Distance between Two Furniture Clusters—Möbelriket in Lammhult and Tibro Interiör in Tibro
Case 4: Social and Environmental Value-Based Cluster Development—The Dilemma of  Wishing to Do Good by
             Selling Textile Goods
Case 5: The Textile Firm ZEEL S.A. or the Never-Ending Story of Marketing as Levitt’s “Cinderella”
Case 6: Interactive Recycling—Service Innovation in Green Cluster

Part II: Internal and External Information Needs of Geographically Remote Industrial Clusters

Case 7: Downturn for a Manufacturing Company in a geographically Remote Industrial Cluster
Case 8: Saab—A Case of Emergency
Case 9: Connecting Strategy with Functional Practice in the Automobile Industry
Case 10: Cluster Development and Marketing Challenges for a Regional Biorefinery Cluster

Part III: Marketing Management Operations and Strategies of Geographically Remote Industrial

Case 11: Sweet and Sound with Xylitol
Case 12: Revitalizing Agro-Machinery Manufacturing in Tanzania—The Case of IEL
Case 13: Skagenfood A/S in the Northern Jutland Seafood Cluster—Decision to Develop the Business
Case 14: Growth Challenges in Small Manufacturing Ventures from Emerging Economies—The Evidence from
Case 15: Winery Startup within a Wine-Producing Cluster
Case 16: Convergence and Differentiation in Regional Know-How—The Case of Central Otago Pinot Noir

Part IV: Information Technology Issues and Geographically Remote Industrial Clusters

Case 17: Software Development in a Remote Geographic Location—The Case of TextFlow
Case 18: National Computer Service, Inc.—Market Options for a Small Middle Eastern IT Company
Case 19: Golf Goes Virtual with GOLFZON

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