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Marketing Management and Strategy: An African casebook, edited by: George Tesar and John Kuada, Routledge, London, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-415-78333-0.

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Notes on contributors

Part I: An Assessment of external environments for enterprises

Case 1: African Harvest Biotech Foundation International: Biotechnology and information technology fighting hunger in Africa
Case 2: Cultural challenges in social marketing of condoms in Malawi
Case 3: Will privatization save the Nigerian rail transport system?

Part II: Perspectives on executive and managerial strategies and operations

Case 4: Matunda Mema: Tanzania’s SME processor of dried fruits
Case 5: Watatu Co. Ltd—Managing growth: Entrepreneurs’ tendencies and their impact on a joint-venture
Case 6: The Kenyan milk market: Growth enabling policies and strategies

Part III: Executive and managerial strategic action on the enterprise level

Case 7: Marketing South African wines in Denmark: Case of BotRiver Winery
Case 8: Terre Solidali and FAO Somalia: International cooperation and cross-cultural marketing
Case 9: Effort School or more effort?

Part IV: Marketing action

Case 10: Danso Fruit Drinks (DFD) Ghana Limited
Case 11: KasKazi Network Ltd: Distributing to the bottom of the pyramid (A)
Case 12: Jecures Sanita Chemical Company

Part V: Marketing rewards and executive and managerial control

Case 13: KasKazi Network Ltd: Distributing to the bottom of the pyramid (B)
Case 14: Alfa Irrigation Technology: A lack of executive control and marketing strategy
Case 15: Ghana Craft Company


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