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Here is the latest list of articles from Cross Cultural Management.  This time, we bring you a special issue entitled 'The shift from human capital to human being'.  In addition to the articles listed below, you will  find interviews with Nancy Adler, Anne Tsui, Jean Lipman-Blumen, Richard N. Knowles and Michelle Bachelet (UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women).

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Understanding the concept of care in cross-cultural settings: Toward a resource definition of care in work organizations
Authors: Kristine Marin Kawamura
Article Type: Conceptual paper
Keywords: Care, Ethics of care, Human capital, Human resource management, Human resources, Human sustainability, Organizational strategy, Values, Wealth creation

Economics and business as if caring matters: investing in our future
Authors: Riane Eisler
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Competitiveness, Gender, Human capital, Knowledge/service age, Partnership, Value of care work

Meaning, authority, rationality and care as MARCs of sustainable organisations
Authors: Alf Westelius, Ann-Sofie Westelius, Tomas Brytting
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Business ethics, Gender, Organizational culture, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Values, Work/life balance

Sustainable human capital: product innovation and employee partnerships in technology firms
Authors: Preeta M. Banerjee
Article Type: Conceptual paper
Keywords: Human capital, Innovation, Life cycle analysis, Partnership model, Relational wealth, Sustainable development, Sustainable human capital

Recognizing employees: reification, dignity and promoting care in management
Authors: Gazi Islam
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Care, Human capital, Human resource management, Organizational culture, Recognition, Well-being, Workplace dignity

Human resource performance metrics: methods and processes that demonstrate you care
Authors: Neil Boyd, Brooke Gessner
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Employee empowerment, Human resource management, Organizational justice, Performance appraisal, Performance management, Performance metrics

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