Professionals, professions and professionalism at work:
A Paper Development Workshop for JPO


This workshop is an opportunity for prospective authors to work on their papers with the editorial team of the Journal of Professions and Organization (JPO). This new journal from Oxford University Press aims to be the premier outlet for research on professional organizations, including their work, management, and their broader social role.  Prospective authors are welcome to contact the editors, David Brock ([log in to unmask]), Hüseyin Leblebici, ([log in to unmask]) and Daniel Muzio ([log in to unmask]) -- all three of whom will be serving as facilitators of the workshop-- before, during and after the PDW. Authors working with data and or theory relevant to academia, accounting, architecture, consulting, engineering, investment banking, law, health, or any other occupation claiming professional status are encouraged to submit and/or participate.  We are particularly receptive to interdisciplinary perspectives and contributions, and we have a strong interest in all professional organizations, professional service firms (PSFs), and public sector professionals (PSPs).


For more about JPO see and/or be in touch with one of the editors.


PDW Format:

The PDW will run for two hours. We will begin with brief introductions of all present, during which participants will be asked to try to give a one-minute overview of their “professional organization” research. This initial phase should take about half an hour.

Then for about the next hour, we will split into groups to discuss specific papers and ideas submitted by attendees. Depending on the number of papers/drafts/proposals send in advance to the editorial team, further members of the editorial board will be invited to help provide personal attention to attendees as far as possible.

For the final half-hour we will gather together again in the spirit of sharing new insights. The editors will briefly sketch the way forward for JPO, and arrangements will be make for all participants to keep in touch in the future.

To make our sessions as productive as it can be we will request participants to submit their papers in advance of the workshop.


Logistical details:

Friday, Aug 9 2013 1:00PM - 3:00PM at WDW Yacht and Beach Club Resort in Cape Cod C – also see



David M. Brock

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Professions and Organization

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