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* <>, case study publisher at the University of

 *International Business* <>
Future business leaders must have the ability to make decisions with a
global mindset. The cases, conceptual notes, and exercises in this module
provide students with tools to make more informed strategic decisions about
global markets and operating across national borders. Students will learn
how to identify the logic and strategic factors involved in expanding
abroad, examine the pros and cons of  "entry modes", and recognize the
effects of exchange rates on business operations and financial statements.

*>**Note on the Global Business
*>**Going Global A: General
*>**Going Global B: eBay* <>
*>**Going Global C: Infosys*<>
*>**Going Global D: Apollo
*>**Going Global E: Embraer*<>
*>**Going Global F: Haier
*>**Going Global G: MTV India*<>
*>Airbus and Boeing: The Fight for
*>**Note on Understanding Exchange
*>**Exchange Rates Quiz A*<>
*>**Exchange Rates Quiz B*<>
*>**Exchange Rates Quiz C*<>
*>**Exchange Rates Quiz D*<>
*>**Exchange Rates Quiz E*<>

*>**Entry Mode* <>
*>**Entry Mode A: Make a Little, Sell a
*>**Entry Mode B: The
*>**Entry Mode C: Super 8 Goes to
*>**Entry Mode D: Occidental's
*>**Entry Mode E: Starbucks Goes
*Robert E. Kennedy <>*, Executive
Director, William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan; Tom
Lantos Professor of Business Administration at the University of Michigan's
Ross School of Business
*Scott A. Moore <>*, Arthur F.
Thurneau Professor; Associate Professor of Business Administration at the
University of Michigan's Ross School of Business
*Robert J. Dolan,* <> former dean
of the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business*
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