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Organizations and Social Change has just been launched by the Department of Management and Marketing, University of Massachusetts Boston. The blog focuses on the latest insights of our research on issues at the intersection of business and society, such as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, climate change, sustainability, inequality, workforce diversity, social movements, employee ownership, and global production networks.
Please check out the brand new blog post by Gerald Davis and Israel Drori “After the Collapse of the Large Corporation – Progressivism 2.0?” and the comment post by David Levy “Corporate Power in an Age of Global Value Chains” which both discuss the role of large corporations in the world today. You are invited to engage in this conversation by making comments, and watch out for forthcoming thoughts on these two blog posts by clicking the ‘+Follow’ button.

Also, please take a look at other recent blog posts and related comments:

- A post by Mary Still titled The Flexibility Debate: A Morass of Gendered Assumptions, Poor Evidence, and Imprecision”. Mary discusses why many U.S. firms have failed to increase workplace flexibility for employees.

- A post by Ed Carberry on “Facebook, the IRS, and Inequality” which discusses the implications for inequality of tax policy relating to compensation

One of our objectives with this blog is to form a point of connection for those interested in the broad theme of organizations and social change. We hope you take this opportunity to shape the discussions on the blog by engaging with us in various ways: 

- Click on the '+Follow' button on our blog to get informed about upcoming posts.

- Comment on blog posts to raise issues that the authors might have missed, or could gain from in their future work. 

- Submit your own blog posts, in particular if they relate to the agenda of organizations and social change.

Submissions should be sent to Stephan Manning (Email: [log in to unmask]). Our editorial team - Ed Carberry, David Levy, Stephan Manning and Suhaib Riaz - will review submissions as they come in. Please take a look at our submission guidelines.  

To learn more about our
mission, the people behind the blog, and recent publications, please check out the respective pages on the blog website. For any technical questions, please email our blog administrator Jon Milberg (Email: [log in to unmask])

We are looking forward to your comments, reactions and submissions!

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